Master of Community Development

MCD Collaboration

Please note: The application deadline for Fall 2017 enrollment is May 1, 2017.

About the program

UDM's unique Master of Community Development program provides a holistic approach to the theory and practice of community development. This interdisciplinary graduate program has a foundation rooted in service, social justice, and sustainability. The program integrates human, organizational, physical and economic (HOPE model) aspects of community development for a comprehensive approach to the renewal of communities.

While most programs around the country focus on very specific aspects of community development such as economic development or urban design, UDM's program takes the full range of issues into consideration. With this degree, you will be uniquely qualified to take on significant leadership roles in all aspects of community development.


Community Development Highlights

  • Core curriculum courses explore complex issues in contemporary community development: diversity, social justice, regional and global issues
  • Unique interdisciplinary/holistic studies
  • Collaborative teaching methods
  • Access to community development leaders and professionals
  • Experience faculty expertise from departments across campus
  • Participate in Detroit's community development culture
  • Team-focused course work
  • Urban-centered outreach and social justice focus

Job Opportunities in Community Development

  • Social service agencies
  • Municipal or state government departments
  • Real estate development
  • Community development officer in banking and work-force development organizations
  • Community organizing consultant

MCD mission + vision


The MCD Program integrates human, organizational, physical and economic (HOPE model) aspects of community development so that a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the renewal of communities can be undertaken. This integration takes place at all levels of the curriculum but is especially evident in the Core Curriculum and the Capstone Project. Inherent in the MCD program is a focus on providing service and leadership in marginalized communities whether urban, suburban, or rural. Serving these marginalized communities is the essence of the values and foundation of the Jesuit and Mercy sponsors of the University.


The MCD Program will be recognized as a hallmark of the University of Detroit Mercy's Mission and Vision and as a premier interdisciplinary community development program. Specifically, the overall objective of the program is to create leaders in building communities characterized by human, economic, physical and organizational sustainability.


For more information, please contact:
Virginia Stanard
Director, Master of Community Development program
4001 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221