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COVID-19 Residence Life Information

Guest Policy Update - Updated Nov. 17, 2020

The only people permitted in the Residence Hall individual rooms are those that are assigned to the room.  Residents are not allowed to visit other resident rooms. Please continue to comply with the posted capacity of lounges and common areas.

Daily Screening - Updated Sept. 17, 2020

Students are required to fill out the University daily screening assessment each day that they are on campus.  

Please remember to use your Detroit Mercy email address and to select that you are a "Student living on-campus".  Students who fail to comply will be contacted by Residence Life staff on a regular basis.

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    Winter Semester Extension Information

    The buildings are scheduled to close for the Winter semester on Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 7pm. If you need to stay past that date you will need to fill out the Winter Extension form. The daily charge to stay in housing past May 1st is $35/day.

    Failure to apply for Extended Stay Housing by Monday, April 19th, 2021 (noon) deadline for any reason will mean an additional one time charge of $50.00. Students who do not sign up and are found in the building after May 1st, 2021 will be charged $100.

    All interim housing charges will be billed to the student account unless other arrangements have been made in writing by the Office of Residence Life. Requests for interim housing waivers must be completed in advance of the dates requested to Lanae Gill, 

    Winter Semester Extension


    Move-out 2021


    Everyone must be moved out of the building by 7pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2021. Those who are staying on campus for athletics, summer school, summer work, or international students may request an extension on the May 1st date by filling out the extension form below. Depending on the purpose of the extenstion a charge may be assessed and added to your student account.

    Winter Extension Form

    24 Hour Quiet Hours

    During finals week the Residence Halls follow a 24 hour policy.  This will begin on Saturday, April 24th at 7pm.

    Move-out Procedure

    • The room must be cleaned, wiped down, and empty of all of your belongings.
    • Trash and belongings that you do not want can be taken to the dumpster located either behind Shiple Hall or Holden Hall. 
    • Lofts rented from the University can remain lofted.  All other lofts need to be removed.
    • Beds are to be bunked to avoid a bunking charge.
    • Carts and limited cleaning supplies are available in Shiple Lobby or Quad Commons on Thursday (April 29th), Friday (April 30th), and Saturday (May 1st).
    • Express Check-out envelopes are available in Quad Commons and the Shiple Lobby near the Residence Life Office.
      • Fill out the duplicate copy, place the key in the envelope and drop off the envelope in either Quad Commons or the Shiple Lobby. 
      • Keep the yellow copy for your records.

    Summer Housing

    The Summer 2021 application is now available on your account. Lot into your TitanHousing Portal to  sign up to live in Residence Life for the summer term. You will use your titan connect credentials to sign up. On the application you can select  Summer 1, Summer 2, or the full summer.  If you do not see the contract in your TitanHousing Portal, please email

    We will be in touch with a transition plan to move you from your Winter 2021 assignment to the Summer 2021 assignment.


    Hiring information for Summer 2021

    Have you ever considered becoming an Conference Assistant?  We are now accepting interest for this Summer position.  Email Mike Cunningham with your interest before Friday, April 16, 2021.

    The Summer Conference Assistant serves in a duty rotation, supports the residents living on campus, and supports the operations of the Office of Residence Life.  The position spans from Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 to Friday, August 27th, 2021.


    Singles for 2021/2022

    All students requesting a single will need to fill out the Single Wait List form linked below.

    Singles for the 2021/2022 academic year will return to the full rate and will be based on availability in the halls.  Additional singles will be made available based on the occupancy of the floor/building. The singles wait list is currently available.

    Rates for single and double rooms will be available after the Board meeting in mid to late March.

    First year students who would like a single may also fill out the singles wait list.  Priority is given to those who fill out the form before June 12th.  

    The single room is for the duration of the academic year. If later in the semester or year you wish to switch your room to a double, you must have a roommate identified or be willing to switch rooms.

    Based on need, a certain number of singles are available in each community. First Year Students will only be considered for singles in Shiple Hall. Upper class students will only be considered for singles in Holden Hall and the Quads. If there is not a single available in your preferred building, you can either choose a single in a different building or select to be in a double room.

    Singles Wait List 

    Students seeking a single as an accommodation would not be charged the single rate, but the double rate of the room.  Please contact Laura Bagdady ( with Disability & Accessibility Support Services to begin your housing related accommodation request. 

Students in a dorm room.

Your sense of community starts when you move onto campus and lasts a lifetime. Come build a boundless future in one of Detroit Mercy's three residence halls where you will grow personally while making lifelong friends.

Residence Halls

Students in a dorm room. Create your home at University of Detroit Mercy in one of our three residence halls. Living on campus gives you opportunities that can make your college experience more memorable and successful. Live among the friends you will create and have the rest of your life.

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Alliance Catholic Credit Union is opening a branch. There is one ATM in the Student Union. 

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At the Student Fitness Center on the McNichols Campus, University Recreation offers a variety of fitness and recreational programs designed to positively impact students and contribute to the health and well-being of the Detroit Mercy community.

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The Bookstore at University of Detroit Mercy enhances students’ learning opportunities by providing a variety of books, supplies, University attire, electronics, and snacks.


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