Detroit Co-Work + Co-Live

Model of a building project.Project title: Detroit Co-Work + Co-Live
Course title: ARCH 1400
Professor/Instructor: Claudia Bernasconi
Students: Drew Sovran
Course description: The second-year studio focuses on mixed use development and the relationship with the urban and natural contexts. The studio focused on the Capitol Park urban plaza and the system of alleys that encircle the area. The context is characterized by mid to high rise residential and mix-use buildings.  
Student work description: The Capitol Park CoWork + CoLive is a community space that hosts a cowork/entrepreneurial space, and CoLiving units, as well as other programs. The target for this center is local professionals from the area and close areas that would be able to collaborate and start new businesses/projects in a productive and safe environment. The Cowork space is an ambiguous space (formal/informal), which includes work and food spaces (with a small kitchenette, a living room style seating in one area, and desks and more formal meeting rooms in another). The CoLive spaces are dense but inviting and overlapping, creating a sense of community and sharing. Collaboration is not only relied to the work component but also encouraged in the live component. Sectional quality of the space and attention to natural lighting are used to promote informal gathering throughout the CoLive anc CoWork spaces. The project engaged the surrounding urban context by challenging the alleyways, the large lot of the site, and the Capitol Park with the creation of a system of outdoor spaces and paths to be used for the CpCo programming and (in part) by the general public.
Blueprints of a building project.
Blueprints of a building project.